This is an atheletic activity which have a degree of competition,such as tennis,basketball or cricket. It consists a set of rules or customs,which serve to ensure fair competition. Running is world’s most practised sports and the most popular sport is football.

●sport is physical. ●It is competitive win or go home. ●It is social phenomenon. ●Sport is from Ancient greece. ●It is from medival times. ●Sport is family. ●Sport is economy. ●It is Media. ●Sport is politics. ●It is religion. sports are institutionalized competitive activities that involves vigorous physical and mental extortion. It is the use of relatively complex physical and mental skills by individuals. whose participation is motivated by combination of personal enjoyment and external rewards.

What does sport mean to you??

Sports is a way to represent my city. It means dominance. It is passion of youth therefore it is also a lifestyle. Any activity that uses physical exertion or skills competitively under a set of rules that is not based on aesthetics.


●Sports are passion. ●It means sport is publicity. ●Sports means heart. ●It means earning hardware. ●Sports are a way to support my family. ●Sports means dominate. ●It means sacrifice. ●Sports means you look good ,you feel good,you play good. ●It means late night. ●Sports means dreams turned into reality. ●It means pain. ●Sports means T.V time.

This is what sports mean to you.

Sports is sacrifice.

GAMES and SPORTS are common to all countries and cultures. They have gained importance in physical and recreational activities. People play games either to have fun or to develop mental and physical skills. Games makes people active,energetic and sharp. It recognized at national and international levels.

Some games such as football,cricket and hockey are very popularity in this era. Build up to your weakness until they become your strong points. The youth of today want to assert themselve. They want some means to show their skills . Games and sports provide them with such opportunities. If some chances are not given to them ,they may fall prey to criminal activities. Thus indirectly,games make them honest. Games amd sports teach us the sense of discipline.beacause only a discipline team can hope to win. These are a very good source of recreational and enjoyment. Games refresh the body as the Mind of the player. A healthy mind is necessary for students. To keep our body healthy games are neccesary.

Importance and benefits of sports

●Friendship. ●Coaches. ●Family. ●Leadership. ●Health

Sports play a great role in everyone’s busy life. It gives us energy and strength. Sports are really an important activity for everyone,especially for kids and youths. As it keep body health and fit.It provide physical and mental strength. Outdoor sports such as football,cricket,hockey,etc helps in improving physical health amd mental fitness. Indoor Games like chess sudoku etc improves mental power and concentration level. Sport provide freedom from the stress and worries.It also develop a sense of friendliness. Sport give shape our body and make it strong and active.

It improves blood circulation. It gives everyone a nice break from the monotonous life thus sport improve our capability and efficiency. The great thing coming from it is understand the concept of a team spirit. It offer opportunity to prove talents. It makes people mentally alert , physically active and strong. Playing sports help us in building and improving confidence level.

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