So guys, In this article we will discuss about all the exciting and rocking updates ever since wwe. Such as Roman Reigns going to defeat Sath Rollins and will made 2 times universal Champion. Also Lars Sullivan’s message about last why they are attacked on raw and smackdown lives. Well, why do we watch the match between the tripple h and batista.

Why Batista want to do his last match with Tripple H

So first of all, we have to start about the match of tripple H and Seth Rollins. Recently, Batista was asked why Tripple H at wrestlemania he chose his last match to be with him. Batista complimented him that I had a career that began because of the tripple h, and I want my career to end like that. He also said that because of him I am the star, and Tripple H invested in me a lot of money. And also said, even Tripple H  gave him lot of chance and I even defeated him quite often.

He said that was all reasons I was wanting that the last match of my career should be with Tripple H. And finally, he also said, That I was quite happy when I wrestle the last match with Tripple H. So here batista gave reasons why they finally wanted to face the tripple h in the last match. This was also happened in wrestlemania 34 but it has been cancelled at last time.

Why Lars Sullivan are doing attack on raw and smackdown lives

Looking forward to our next update that is connected to lars Sullivan. We have also saw at Raw that Lars Sullivan attacked on the Kurt Angle. And if we talk about Smackdown lives then he attacked on the hardy boys. So here comes the message from Lars Sullivan’s side and he said that they enjoy doing so much in the upsetting the WWE Universe. He also said That they couldn ‘t find much power, So these work for them are too easy. Lars Sullivan wanted to make more compettiton appear. We may also get to see  Braun Strawman will give the challenge to Lars Sullivan. This will be much better for him. We also said that’s further Lars Sullivan supposed to be booked quite strong just like as Braun Strawman.


Roman Reigns vs Seth Rollins match for Universal Championship

Looking forward to our next update. It is connected as to whether we can see Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins’s  match for Universal Championship. And what finally Roman reigns’s going to do is return his championship and will become universal champions of 2 times. So Recently, WWE posted a article on its site  and they were writing that’s how Roman Reigns came to raw and has defeated Rumaike Tyre in wrestlemania 35. They also said that Roman Reigns will challenge his shield brother Seth Rollins in Universal Championship. Because that was the title that had to leave due to the Leukemia in the October.

They’ve never lost this title. So this will be very interesting what they to do for Universal Championship. Recently, Universal championship was won by Seth rollins beat the brock lessner. It will be very interesting to see that WWE prepare well after Wrestlemania 35. So hopefully, we will see the match of Roman reigns and Seth Rollins for Universal Championship. And of course wwe is planning something like this because it’s got to look at their official website. And match look between the Roman ragnans and Seth rollins may get for Universal Championship. Fans will also like to see this intresting match. So let us see that what the wwe does new.


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