WWE 2019 : Superstar Shakeup and 5 shocking news

WWE 2019 : Superstar Shakeup and 5 shocking news

WWE 2019 : Superstar Shakeup and 5 shocking news

So guys like you know that next week wwe is going to be much more exciting. Here we will see the superstar shake up, Raw from superstar smackdown lives will come. Although, smack down will come on the raw. So in this article we ‘ll talk about five things that wwe does here and there. We will see 5 superstar shakeups which will be surprisable for the wwe fans.

WWE 2019 : Superstar Shakeup and 5 shocking news


Now lets us start from first about a stable breakup and that is RIOT SQUAD. Recently, Liv Morgan posted a photo about her superstar shake on social media. Where we are finding all the members of the red squad. So the discussions that we have received are that we can see the riot squad’s break up. These three superstar can get to see on their different paths.
It can also happen that these three superstars come to the raw. But what’s right over here is that may be we can get to see the riot squad’s break up in the superstar shakeup this time.

Shinsuke Nakamura finally will get to see on monday night.

Shinsuke Nakamura finally will get to see on monday night Raw. We saw that Shinsuke Nakamura has played smackdown live since they debuted inside the roster. Over there they also got the match of wwe champion ship. They also won royal rumble and became champion but now finally Shinsuke Nakamora will get look into Monday night Raw. This will be very major dicision of wwe because they are very big superstar of wwe. Different than the fact that they didn ‘t get the best bocky.
But this will be very interesting for the fans that Shinsuke Nakamura will get to see at monday night. And this will be very surprisable for wwe fans in pursuance of Superstar shakeup.

Change their brands at WWE shake up

Then last year superstar shake you will remember where peoples saw how intercontinental changed its brand. United state champions also changed their brand. So this time you can get a mid guard championship here and there.
And reach its Finn baller intercontinent championship on Smackdown lives. Although,
show us Robber coming in with that US championship. And this time also something that wwe would want to do because it happened last year. So you can also expect this time that wwe to do something new. This will be very surprisable for wwe fans.

What happen with Bake lynch this time at superstar shakeup

So as you all know that Bake lynch have Raw and Smackdown women championship. But question is what happen to them during superstar shake. They have both championships. So this might happen if they have to stay on both the brands. Although, also happen that bake lynch also appear to be move on the Raw. And what they ‘re dealing with smackdown might break down completely.

Wwe can plan something like that a title be withdrawn from bakelynch during superstar shake. Now both titles are near bakelynch then here’s a question matching both titles. But both are from different brands, so title will not be mixed up. Then we can see here that Bakelynch appear come on the Raw. And then they will be forced to take smackdown championship because they’re now on raw. So on behalf of the authority we can also get to see the Smackdown women championship snatch from Bakelynch. This will be very surprisable for us on the superstar shakeup.


Roman reigns will be come on Smackdown lives from Raw

Now this will be interesting to see that the ratings of smackdown lives will rise after when fox will come on chaina talks. Because they’ve got a huge deal. Wwe try that smackdown lives to be made baker. Then it may be that from raw a very big superstar which are Roman reigns of smackdown lives appear to. The second reason behind it is that even if it’s not the shield, it’s not much to keep the Roman ragnans and the Seth rollins on a brand. So keeping this thing in mind, WWE will give the priority to the Smackdown lives.

We can get the very shocking decision and Roman reigns will be come on Smackdown lives from Raw. We can also more changes like this. So, It will clear a single word that WWE have quite elated plans for Smackdown lives episode when It will go away on the fox network.

WWE 2019 : Superstar Shakeup and 5 shocking news

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