About us

About us

I hope, as you all might have understood, this website. This website deals for games and sports like cricket, wwe, badminton, Shooting etc.This website tells latest sports updates. In this website you will find learning something new.
Sportswiki.in is the world’s leading cricket website.
This website describes as:

Cricket Updates
Badminton update
Some cricket history
About physics of ball swing
Wwe Updates etc.

Admin: Hritik Chauhan

So how are you all, My name is Hritik Chauhan, I am a bachelor student at I love to do bloging. I like to know about cricket and games. So I wondered why I shouldn ‘t convey this information to people. Then I decided to do blogging. My friends also helped me. I started blogging in 2018.
I want to become a pretty good blogger. On for now it’s part time for me, On after few days it is going to be full time for me.

Thanku You.

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about us.